As a member of this group, you have the privilege and responsibility to create a safe, supportive, productive and enjoyable environment for yourself and others. To do this, you need to respect our confidentiality policy and treat each other with kindness and dignity.

Confidentiality means that you do not share any personal or sensitive information that you learn about another person during our gathering with anyone else, unless they give you their consent. This includes other members of the group, as well as people outside of it. You also do not reveal the identity or contact details of any other members without their permission.

Confidentiality also means that you do not bring any information that you know about another person from outside of the group into the gathering.

If you have a prior relationship with another member, please keep it separate from the group context and do not discuss anything about them that they have not shared themselves.

Respect means that you listen attentively and empathetically to others, and do not judge, criticize, interrupt or mock them.

You also respect their boundaries and preferences, and do not contact them outside of the group unless they agree to it. 


By following these guidelines, you will help us build a strong and trusting community that can benefit everyone.


If you violate these rules, you may face consequences such as being excluded from future events.

You are required to sign the agreement before attending the retreat.

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